Why Medical Users Prefer Edibles

Why Medical Users Prefer Edibles

Since the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana one sector of the industry that has boomed has been edibles.  Despite some pretty strict regulations the sale of edibles has gone through the roof.  For those that are interested in the medical applications of marijuana many of them prefer it in edible form rather than smoking cannabis.  It isn’t necessarily that medical cannabis are against smoking, rather edibles have a completely different effect, this is why medical users prefer edibles.  This is also why the use of CBD oils has also gone through the roof.  Here is a look at how popular edibles have become.

Edibles and the Law

If you live in a state with legalization then you can buy edibles from a licensed retailer that comply with all the pertinent state laws.  Even with legalization there are still going to be a ton of regulations surrounding packaging, production and the sale of edible cannabis products.  Another thing to be aware of is that you can’t drive under the influence either.  Different states will have different regulations, but for example in Washington you aren’t permitted to have more than 5 nanograms of THC in your blood streams.  You also won’t be able to bring edibles across state lines.  You need to be 21 or older to make a purchase and there will be a limit to how many edibles you can have on hand at one time.

Why Choose Cannabis Infused Edibles

For years patients who suffer from conditions that leave them in chronic pain have used cannabis to ease some of that pain.  This is what precipitated legalization in the first place.  It has also helped thousands of cancer patients who have had to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy.  However it is not perfect and there are some conditions where it won’t help or it will make matters worse so always talk to your physician or pain management clinic first.  There are also other reasons that medical users prefer edibles including:

  • It is discreet no one need know how you’re managing your pain
  • No smoky scent that smells like skunk
  • There is little or no taste to edibles

Staying Safe

Edibles need to be treated in your home like medications, because they are.  Your children, grandchildren or pets may not know the difference between and edible or a snack.  Edible brownies look just like regular brownies so you need to keep them where they can’t get to them.  Here are some tips to keep them out of unwanted hands.

  • Leave your edibles in the original packages, by law they must be clearly marked as a cannabis product
  • Put them in childproof containers in high shelves out of reach