Want to Boost Your Creativity then Try These Strains

Want to Boost Your Creativity then Try These Strains

Writer’s block and other creative blocks plague artists all the time.  Many creative types turn to cannabis to get those creative juices flowing again, it helps push them beyond their creative blocks and inspires their muse yet again.  Most of the time they will turn to sativa based strains to help get past it, they have the right combination of energetic and hallucinogenic properties that allow your creative ideas to flow.  Sativa strains tend to relax the users and they don’t help you push past to get to the next step.  Cannabis can help to free your mind and let you dream the impossible, it can encourage you to try new ideas and see things from a different perspective.

Which Strains Should You Try?

Durban Poison:  This strain will help you to relax and let the ideas just flow in.  This strain only takes a few hits and you will feel your creativity unleashing.  You can take a couple of hits of Durban Poison and get in front of your computer screen, canvas, lump of clay or whatever your medium is and just get lost in creating.  This strain is also really good at giving you a burst of energy so you can combine your newfound creativity with an intense drive to get things done.

Green Crack Cannabis:  This strain is fabulous for giving you a laser like focus and before you even know it you have churned out the next great American novel.  This strain works really well for creatives like writers who work with deadlines looming.  You can get big projects completed and feel fantastic while you’re doing them.  Not only does it help boost your creativity it doesn’t taste half bad either.

Space Queen:  If you’re the type of artist who is normally inspired by heartbreak then Space Queen might be a little different.  Most who try this strain find leaving them in a good mood and ready to get some work done.  The high is gentle and you will be able to spend hours working and feeling great while doing it.  Space Queen is renowned for leaving users both relaxed and uplifted at the same time.

Jack Herer: If you want to be focuses and to clear the clutter from your mind that is keeping you from creating then you need to give Jack Herer a try.  This strain has a hint of pine making you feel like you’re in a cabin in the woods with nothing but you and your art.  This is a great strain for those that need to get down to business.